NYPD Fallen Cops Daughter and Harassment allegations 

Shabbar Abbas

Sharntai Harris has faced accusations of filing false police reports, with the recent incident involving her former client Dora Jenkins being the most prominent. This is not the first time Harris has been accused of such acts, suggesting a pattern of behavior that raises concerns about her credibility and integrity. In November of last year, Harris allegedly filed a revenge report at the 79th precinct, a week after she was arrested by Jenkins in this report, she accused Jenkins of calling her from an unknown number and making derogatory statements. 

The District Attorney has so much discovery to review in this case as everything unfolds for both parties involved, including video that allegedly showed Harris harassing Jenkins and using obscenities towards her January of last year during this open criminal case. 

Jenkins, in a statement to newsbreak, expressed her lack of surprise at Harris filing a revenge report, stating, “I honestly wasn’t surprised she filed a revenge report against me after she was arrested for her actions thats what she does; she wants to make people feel like because her father was a cop, she can misuse the NYPD to do whatever she wants to do to them.” Jenkins also revealed that Harris has obtained criminal order protections against individuals in the past, citing an incident where Harris dated a barber from Brooklyn who worked at King Kutz barbershop. Harris filed a police report against him with similar allegations, resulting in his arrest and Harris obtaining a criminal order of protection.

Jenkins emphasized the need for the District Attorney to thoroughly investigate Harris, stating, “The District Attorney in this case needs to slow it down and really investigate who they’re dealing with because there’s so much information being brought to light against this ‘so-called victim.’ It’s ridiculous.” By examining the pattern of accusations against Harris, it becomes evident that there are recurring themes of dishonesty and malicious intent.   

As the case remains unresolved it’s clear the  outcome of this matter will have lasting impacts for everybody involved, the District  Attorney in this matter will ultimately be left with a decision that can affect a potentially innocent individual. 

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