HBoss returns to the big stage for International Speaking Debut in Singapore

Shabbar Abbas

Renowned for his dynamic presence and uplifting energy, HBoss, also known as Harold Lisk, is set to grace the stage in Singapore for his first international speaking engagement. Focused on the theme of “Elevating Your Energy and Becoming the Unstoppable Version of You,” Harold aims to captivate and motivate the audience with his trademark positive vibes and unwavering stamina.

Having honed his speaking skills under the mentorship of the highly acclaimed Jessen James, a multiple award-winning speaker, Harold, alongside his brother and online sensation Ephraim Lisk, is gearing up to deliver a powerful message later this month.

Harold’s journey to this prestigious platform is paved with notable achievements. His electrifying performance on ITV1’s ‘The Voice’ left the judges in awe, breaking show rules as they turned around in excitement without pressing the buzzer. Additionally, his contribution to choreography and project management for the late queen’s Jubilee celebrations stands as a testament to his versatility and talent.

Beyond the spotlight, Harold’s commitment to community welfare is commendable. As the Chairman of AFND (Always Furthering & Nurturing Development), he spearheaded a remarkable campaign last year, providing 1000 hot meals to vulnerable young individuals and families in need. Moreover, he organized free summer activities for the youth, emphasizing his dedication to giving back and nurturing the next generation.

Harold Lisk’s imminent appearance in Singapore promises to be a momentous event, where his infectious energy and motivational prowess are sure to leave a lasting impact on all those in attendance.

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