Free Classes with Myth of Drums

Having grown up around gospel music, João Aguiar Sperandio has been playing drums since he was 12 years old. As a gift for his personal commitment and good grades – which later earned him competitive approvals – his parents agreed to enroll him in a Musical Institute in São Paulo’s state interior.

His teacher was none other than a local legend: Freddy D., known as the “Sultan of Swing” – a reference to the famous Dire Straits song.

Showing commitment and dedication, as every learning process requires, he quickly evolved on the instrument.

Based on comments from experienced musicians about his evolution, João Aguiar S. had permission to practice his skills every weekend afternoon, in a place that had a drum set available.

This added a lot to his effort. Advised by jazz and fusion teacher and guitarist Gilson F., João had important musical references, such as Dave Weckl and Steve Gadd.

During his adolescence and youth, João was invited and played a prominent role in several bands. And at 19 João was already considered by colleagues, and by great musicians, as a true “myth” of the drums.

“I had a lot of good moments on drums. As I was never prone to anything wrong, some who saw my success, but didn’t run with me, were envious. While others thought I was naive. But that’s how it is, everything has two sides. In no way do I regret having dedicated myself so much and for so many years to music. She also gave me many friendships.”

For João A. Sperandio then followed a hiatus of studies and work, until he could occasionally return to the drums. At this stage, seeking to give back to the community, he even gave free private drum lessons to teenagers in 2021.

Currently, although he works in another field, João still receives invitations.

“At times, life or health circumstances impose themselves, and there was no alternative but to take a break from the drums – which I have a passion for.” Asked if he intends to return to the stage, he replied “If God allows, certainly soon.”

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