Drug Abuse – Crime – The Answer


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Drugs and crime go hand and hand.  They are in connection with one another.  A good question would be, does anyone understands why all this unrighteousness, misdemeanors, and felonies are in the world are at the highest peak?

So many people have fallen into temptation which placed them on a path of wrongdoings. Drug addicts and chemical controlled substances abusers immediately become transgressors of the law. Once people become drug addicts and or illegal chemical control substance abusers, their lives are committed to doing wickedness every single day.

This misconduct in attitude has caused millions of people to become criminals. Their minds are filled with all unrighteousness. Due to all their criminal behavior and activity, this is the reason why heart and minds lean towards violence to solve earthly problems. It’s called, “The Wrath Of Mankind”.

The word of God teaches all readers that sin is the first motion that causes people to be lured into a drug filled lifestyle. First of all, every drug addict and drug dealer become law Breakers once they first handle a chemical controlled substance. In the sight of God, all drug addicts are labeled as wicked individuals.

While all the acts of evil are committed or performed, God’s mercy sent forth a plan to heal our land. While we all did acts that that toured us into the ways of death and evil. God sent Jesus to be an intercessor for the chosen ones.

A gracious God that we serve sent forth a plan that will heal our land, our communities, our area codes, our states, and every country. In order for this healing to be done, God is requiring that his people be like minded and be on the same accord. The word of God is the answer to a land that needs healing right away.

I so happened to write a book about crime in our world. Please donate and help me pass out hundreds of books for free to the generation behind us. A message from God is the only weapon we have for war. May God bless you all and put us to work.

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