Bidding Farewell to Fun: How to Get Rid of a Pool Table

Shabbar Abbas

how to get rid of a pool table


A pool table, once the centerpiece of countless games and gatherings, might find itself out of place or unused. If you’re contemplating how to part ways with this sizable piece of recreational furniture, fret not. In this guide, we’ll explore practical methods for bidding adieu to your pool table.

Assessing the Situation: Why Say Goodbye?

Before diving into the removal process, it’s crucial to assess why you’ve decided to bid farewell to your pool table. Whether you’re making space for a new activity room or simply seeking a change, understanding your motivation sets the stage for a seamless transition.

Finding New Homes: Donate or Sell

One ethical and environmentally friendly option is finding a new home for your pool table. Consider donating it to local community centers, schools, or charitable organizations that could benefit from a recreational upgrade. Alternatively, explore online platforms or local classifieds to sell the table to someone eager to embrace its entertainment potential.

Disassembly: Step-by-Step Guide

Disassembling a pool table is a meticulous process, but it eases transportation and storage. Begin by removing the pockets and unscrewing the rails. Carefully disassemble the frame, taking note of each component. Roll up the felt and store it separately. Lastly, disassemble the legs. Keep track of all screws and bolts to ensure a smooth reassembly if needed.

Transporting the Table: Safety First

Transporting a pool table demands caution and planning. If you’re moving it to a new location, secure a truck with ample space. Wrap each disassembled part in protective materials to prevent scratches and damage. Enlist the help of friends or professional movers to ensure a safe and efficient transport process.

Storage Solutions: Short-Term and Long-Term

If parting with your pool table is a temporary decision, finding suitable storage is essential. Choose a climate-controlled facility to prevent warping or damage. Ensure all parts are securely wrapped and labeled for easy retrieval. When considering long-term storage, periodic checks are advisable to maintain the table’s condition.

Environmental Responsibility: Recycling and Disposal

When all else fails, and the pool table is beyond reuse, responsible disposal is paramount. Check local regulations regarding furniture disposal. Some areas have specialized recycling programs that accept large items. If disassembly isn’t feasible, consider professional junk removal services that can handle the task efficiently and responsibly.


In conclusion, bidding adieu to a pool table involves careful consideration and strategic planning. Whether donating, selling, disassembling, transporting, storing, or responsibly disposing of the table, each step contributes to a smooth transition. By assessing your motives and choosing an approach that aligns with your values, you ensure a farewell that is both practical and environmentally responsible. So, as you embark on this journey of parting ways with your pool table, remember that new beginnings often arise from bidding fond farewells.