Explain Marian Wang Age As of 2023

Shabbar Abbas

Marian Wang Age

Are you curious to know the famous journalist who is recognized for accurate news? She is the Marian Wang,  a journalist and news reporter. Marian Wang is a senior news producer at Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Before working on Last Week Tonight, Marian also worked at Mother Jones and ProPublica. She won awards for her awesome work. Her connection in the news field is very strong because her husband Vladimir Duthiers is also a popular journalist who is currently employed at CBS News.

What is the age of Marian Wang? 

She will be 37 years old in 2024 because his birthdate is 13th August 1985. She was born in Taiwan and grew up in a Chinese household. However, Marian Wang has a Chinese background. She and her family moved to the United States, and as a result, she is now a resident of America.

After reading this blog post you will learn about the age of Marian Wang and other more interesting facts.  

How Was Marian Wang’s Early Life?

Marian’s parents were Chinese immigrants. By the time she was six, she had lived in at least five states. Her parents were forced to transfer from their native China. She therefore grew up in the United States even though she was born in China.

They moved to the US in the 1990s, but Marian’s green card was stolen, so she lost it. She determined that obtaining a new green card would cost more money than becoming a citizen.

Although Marian hasn’t discussed her school days much, we do know that she finished high school. She went on to succeed at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism after that.

Her journalism and law studies program awarded her honours in 2007. Her other credentials have not yet been made public.

On the other hand, her spouse, Vlad Duthiers, is 53 years old and was born in New York on December 21, 1969. There is a notable 15-year age difference between the couple.

What Do You About Marian’s career?

Marian Wang started her journalism career as a freelancer, writing for various websites and newspapers. She worked for Mother Jones as a social media strategist in San Francisco before becoming ProPublica’s first reporter blogger in 2010.

In 2015, she joined Last Week Tonight with John Oliver as the senior news producer. Her contributions earned her awards, and she continues in the same role on the show.  

Living in New York, Marian is close to her family and pets. In 2015, she joined Last Week Tonight with John Oliver as the senior news producer, still there, racking up awards. Money-wise, she’s earned a good chunk from her journalism career.

What Physical Results Does Marian Wang Have?

Marian Wang weighs roughly 60 kg and stands five feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall. Her characteristics include black eyes, a high brow, dark hair, and a wide oval face. Marian, who is 38 years old, has maintained her slim and attractive figure.  

Marian Wang’s Children and Family History:

Marian tied the knot with Vladimir Duthiers, a CBS News correspondent, in September 2020. They met when she was at ProPublica, and he was at CNN. They even took wedding photos with their dog and adopted a cat named Henry.

Marian Wang and her husband are very happy because they’re expecting a baby girl.  She and her husband shared the excitement. It’ll be the first child for both of them. Like other celebrities, they posted a picture of the ultrasound on their social media. 

On January 31, 2023, Vladimir and his wife, Marian Wang, welcomed their first child. Their newest family member is a daughter named Céline Mari Wéi Zhēn Wang-Duthiers.

What is the expected net worth of Marian Wang?

Marian Wang’s name hit the mainstream media in September 2020 when Marian married television journalist and correspondent for CBS Vladimir Duthiers.  Marian Wang is an American reporter, blogger, journalist, and TV producer. She is best known as the former reporter for ProPublica.

She has been a producer on the Last Week Tonight With John Oliver show since 2015. So John Oliver and Marian Wang have gained the same expected net worth of $8 through his journalism.

Vladimir Duthiers want to keep her net income in secret but you can guess that he has estimated net worth is $200 million in 2023. His main source of income is journalism and hosting.

How does Marian handle her social media?

Marian keeps things chill on social media. Her Instagram is private with 349 followers, and she’s been rocking Twitter since 2008 with a cool 14.6k followers.