Cole Bennett’s Net Worth- The Journey to Millionaire Status 

Shabbar Abbas

Cole Bennett's Net Worth

The name Cole Bennett is synonymous with music and multimedia in the digital age. Cole Bennett, a virtuoso in his own right, has swept the music video business off its feet by showing his creative genius through arresting images. Over the past decade, Lyrical Lemonade has played a pivotal role in propelling artists like Ski Mask the Slump God and Lil Pump to superstardom. Through his company, Cole Bennett has crafted visually stunning narratives, turning songs into cinematic experiences that resonate with millions of viewers.

A Look Inside Into Cole Bennett Life

American Cole Bennett, 27 years old, was born in Plano, Illinois, on May 14, 1996. He currently weighs 171 pounds, or roughly 78 kilograms, and is 6 feet tall, or 1.82 meters, having attended Plano High School for his education. 

Cole Bennett, who is well-known for his outstanding contributions to the music business, has amassed a $39 million of his Net worth. As a director of music videos and an entrepreneur, he has had a big impact, and his skills have contributed to his remarkable financial success.

Cole Bennett’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Cole Bennett boasts a net worth of a staggering $39 million. This substantial fortune is attributed to a diverse financial portfolio that includes $12 million in assets and $9 million in investments. 

While he has encountered $5 million in liabilities and loans, his business income has surged to $6 million annually.

The Initial Success Story

A young visionary named Cole Bennett set out on a mission in 2013 that would change not just his own life but also the hip-hop and music video production industries forever. He established the groundwork for the enduring Lyrical Lemonade while still a student at Plano High School. 

This provides a chronological overview of Cole Bennett’s extraordinary career, emphasizing the significant turning points that helped him develop into the well-known person he is today.

Back From The High School

Bennett started his trip while he was still a high school student. He directed his own music videos for local Chicago rappers, going into the area of music video production. 

Vic Mensa and Taylor Bennett were among the first to profit from his technical ability and creative vision. This was the modest start of Lyrical Lemonade.

Variety in Video Content

Cole Bennett’s creative breadth was demonstrated as he moved beyond music videos to produce ciphers, documentaries, live show recaps, and interviews. 

His love of telling stories and using images to capture the spirit of the music business started to get noticed.

Making The Road to Achievement

“Call of the Wild” by Bnova is a breakthrough song.

2013 saw Cole Bennett post “Call of the Wild” by Bnova as his debut music video on YouTube. Even though it only received about 104,000 views, it had a huge impact. His early success set the stage for what was to come, bringing him not just acclaim but an estimated income of $2,000–3,500.

Partnerships in 2014 and 2015

Bennett collaborated with a number of musicians in 2014 and 2015, including Adot, Roy French, Mojek, and Meeko Fly. His filmography expanded, and he cemented his standing as the preferred filmmaker of music videos in Chicago’s music industry.

“Working It” by Soulja Boy was a turning point.

Cole Bennett's video for Soulja Boy's popular song Working It.

Cole Bennett’s career took a drastic shift when he created the music video for Soulja Boy’s popular song “Working It.” Due to the video’s popularity, he shot to fame and started getting credit for his imaginative and inventive visual storytelling.

Entering The Sound Cloud Era

Music video and video director Cole Bennett became popular on SoundCloud in the mid-2010s. His work with rising rappers from diverse hip-hop subgenres helped the 2015 SoundCloud rap movement succeed. 

He became popular for his unique style and ability to capture the music he worked on.

Opening Up New Paths

After collaborating with well-known musicians like GMEBE Lil Chief Dinero, GMEBE Bandz, Famous Dax, and Soulja Boy, Cole Bennett’s net worth was projected to have increased to around $1 million by the next year. 

His influence on the music business had spread beyond Chicago, as he was now well-known throughout the hip-hop community.

The Power of Social Media

Cole Bennett has harnessed the power of social media to engage millions of followers each week. By directly marketing his projects to this vast audience, he has successfully reduced marketing costs while reaping millions in earnings. In the past year alone, his gross sales exceeded $15 million, resulting in a substantial profit of $6 million.


1. How did Cole Bennett first gain recognition in the music video industry?

Cole Bennett gained recognition through his multimedia company, Lyrical Lemonade, which he founded in 2013. He created visually captivating music videos that propelled emerging artists to stardom.

2. What is the significance of Cole Bennett’s YouTube channel?

Cole Bennett’s YouTube channel has amassed 15.7 million subscribers and over 6 billion views, making it a powerhouse for music video content.

3. How does Cole Bennett use social media to promote his projects?

Cole Bennett leverages his social media presence to engage millions of followers, allowing him to market his projects directly and save on marketing costs, resulting in significant earnings.

4. Which artists have benefited from Cole Bennett’s work?

Artists like Ski Mask the Slump God and Lil Pump are just a few of the many who have benefited from Cole Bennett’s visually stunning music videos produced through Lyrical Lemonade.

5. What is Cole Bennett’s net worth?

As of 2023, Cole Bennett’s net worth stands at a remarkable $39 million, supported by assets, investments, and a thriving business income.